Throughout all our circle retreats we aim to provide a peaceful environment for relaxation and exploration, for self-observation and growth. A space to feed our bodies and our minds from which we can take away tools to help us in our lives. We design our retreats on what we believe a person needs in order to thrive.

Through working with the creative arts we aim to focus our attention on the creative process which can help aid a deep understanding of ourselves and can be a wonderful channel for self discovery and playfulness. We aim to support the body and mind through yoga, meditation, massage and nutritious food, so we can can feel truly nourished and in balance.

Circle Retreats is a UK based company that runs retreats across Europe.


Krysia and Gabriel grew up together and throughout their adulthood had often discussed their views and interests in emotional wellbeing. Both specialising in the therapeutic arts they were both struck by this deep desire to look at the whole of a person and noticed how focus on one aspect required focus on another. There became a natural search for balance. They began to exchange ideas on how to create a retreat that offered a holistic view in personal wellbeing and together set out to create Circle Retreats, a personally designed programme that focuses on nurturing the whole of a person.



Gabriel studied fine art at Central Saint Martins in London. She later went on to do a Post Graduate training in Arts Psychotherapy and Child Counselling at the Institute of Arts in Therapy & Education. She has dedicated herself to understanding how creativity can be used to heal. Working with children and adults she has had the opportunity to work closely in assisting people, through the creative arts find tools and resilience within themselves to make changes in their lives.

While studying Arts Psychotherapy and going through her own psychotherapeutic process, she was struck by how her body and mind craved balance. A deep mental stimulation, triggered the need for physical stimulation as well as a quieter more awareness based meditation. She took up running and yoga which assisted her through her training. With the idea that one focus relied on the balance of another, she began to put in motion plans for a holistic retreat that looked at the whole of a person.



Krysia has spent the last ten years deepening her understanding of the human relationship to environment. She studied International Development at the University of East Anglia, majoring in natural resources and has since been committed in working to preserve and nurture the bond between people, animals and plants and the benefits that nature has on our wellbeing, paying extra attention to our emotional health.

The arts have played an important role throughout Krysia’s life. Creativity has allowed reflection and a deeper understanding of thought and identity and has often allowed feelings to be expressed in a way that words cannot describe. Through these experiences and from working creatively with groups of people she became acutely aware of the healing benefits that the arts had to offer and decided she wanted to use her understanding to work with people more closely and she began her journey in to art therapy. After completing a Post Graduate training she studied her MA in Art Therapy and Art Education for Social Inclusion at the University Autonoma in Madrid. Living on the edge of the Sierra de Guadarrama national park in Madrid allows her to maintain a strong relationship with the environment.